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05 September 2013


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Bill. How right you are. I am not bored. I'd like to be bored for a few hours. I look forward to being bored, in fact. :) I'll let you know when that happens......

Ah Penny, the Worrier does rear her head although I can't say that I've been terrified yet. Well, except on the day I went to get the cats and .. there were issues. I was terrified that day that I'd not get them. But that's another story. I do worry about being an Ugly American - the last thing I want to be. The thing is, I am so out of my element right now and know that the only way I will figure something out is through the generosity of the locals here that ... I have no room to be arrogant. And I know that all my frustrations are due to my OWN incompetence (or my own spoiled "First World" expectations), rather than something that others here have done or are doing wrong. It is something to have the locals repeatedly apologizing to ME for not speaking English! Surprising. My response is always to apologize for not speaking THEIR language. And I've learned to take pictures of what I want (even if that means pulling image up on computer then snapping pic of screen with my phone). Just makes things easier. Usually. :)

I was getting worried not seeing another blog post! We're living vicariously through your adventure.

In my case, there'd also be Terrified Girl. Scared of the unknown and scared of inadvertently being an Ugly American. Introverts have a tough time with adventures half-way around the world. But with Tes the Intrepid to blaze the trail, it's all good.

Seen this? http://china.dailysecret.com/shanghai/en#.UiiSY2TXjZc

On the bright side, you're not bored. Being bored is worse, for an intelligent active lady like you. Just keep telling yourself "OK, but I'm not bored. This really isn't boring."

All my suggestions are worth twice their weight in gold. Why, this one weighs ...

Oh, wait. ;-)

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