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28 July 2013


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I love the view too. I'd be tempted to go live there for a time just to enjoy that (if a living could be made and all other ducks got in a magical row). But I'm glad to be able to share this and other details of your adventures in Shanghai vicariously through this blog, Tes.

Ah Bill, I don't think Shanghai is at risk for earthquakes .... certainly nothing on the scope of LA. (I can't find a single reference to any earthquake-related damage to Shanghai...ever. Maybe I'm missing it?)

I was on 60th in Chicago and loved it - and have to admit to being a bit disappointed that we had to go down 11 floors... The higher the better for me.

OMG, that's a fabulous view from anywhere in the apartment. I'd have real trouble getting any work done while the sun is up. After all my years in California, I'd be hesitant to live on the 49th floor anywhere ... are they earthquake safe?

I was on the 45th floor in downtown L.A. once for a depo. Our host said "The building flexes instead of breaking, as you know. The important thing is not to follow the furniture through the windows. Get in a doorway and hang on for the ride."


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