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Conspiracy theories have always fascinated me. It shouldn't be a surprise then, that the Birther Movement has fascinated me - from its inception. I was one of the first to publish a blog about the phenomenon and, while I ceased regular blogging about the issues after a year or two (because there other, way better, ones out there -- as well as Fogbow, a wonderful forum community of people similarly fascinated with birthers), I have maintained the Birther Scorecard through to the present (yes, there is still one case pending! Score as of Sept. 2015: Birthers 0; Constitution 225; Pending 1.)

I was living in Phoenix when Sheriff Joe Arpaio caught the Birther Bug in 2011, and I watched his birther antics with morbid fascination. At the same time I admittedly only somewhat casually followed developments in the Melendres v. Arpaio case, primarily through various news reports.

In the summer of 2013 -- the "Xerox Explanation" rather conclusively demonstrated that all the so-called anomalies in President Obama's birth certificate upon which Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse had based its claim that the birth certificate was forged was simply the (normal) result of creating a scan with a Xerox WorkCenter 7655.

Shortly thereafter, Mike Zullo, head of the Cold Case Posse began talking about a new criminal investigation. As of August 2013, he already had "three and five hundred pages of information" relating to this investigation. By November 2013 he was telling us:

"And I am going tell you - and you can take this show and play it in the future - that when this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering. ... This is beyond the pale of anything you could imagine."

Flash forward to the Melendres April 2015 contempt proceedings: Arpaio concedes that much of Stephen Lemons reported back in June 2014 about the secret "Seattle Operation" are true -- though he denies on the stand (and via a declaration thereafter) that the Seattle Operation involved an investigation of Judge Snow.

And, thus, the Perfect Storm created when Arpaio's birtherism met his disdain for complying with the Melendres orders was revealed.

I created the WYE Timeline in an attempt to compile, in (mostly) one place, the Melendres proceedings, the Cold Case Posse's 2013-forward activites, and the Seattle Operation activities.

I created the Sectec Astronomy Timeline because, as I began reseaching the prior cases involving Dennis Montgomery, the sheer volume of information began to overwhelm the WYE Timeline.

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As for the basics ....

I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania with four amazing siblings. I spent eight years in Texas, during which I finished college, taught school, and went to law school . . . then spent eight years in Washington DC while an associate in BigLaw . . . then spent eight years in Chicago IL telecommuting with my BigLaw firm . . . then spent four years in Phoenix AZ with the Love of My Life (and telecommunting to work). In May 2013, we decided to move to to Shanghai, China for a couple years, as LoML has accepted temporary assignment here. In May 2015, we "reupped" for another year.

When I'm not obsessing about birthers and the like -- or tutoring two utterly adorable small children -- I'm reading, hiking, diving, or traveling around Asia.



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